Hey guys! As you know, I have not been posting alot.  I am thinking of using videos later on for where a pin is or such.

P.S. Anyone who plays MKDS post your FC!

Anyways, heres the info for the party:


Starts at: Frozen, Cove, 2:00 PM PST(Penguin Standard Time.)TODAY!

Where we will go: Mountian, Coffee Shop, Dock, Ski Lodge, Night Club, and especially, my igloo!

We will also have a contest. Whoever stays the longest at the party gets there name posted here, in really big letters,  and become a perma-friend of mine!

See ya there!



The Gummibar Song!

I just got paint re-installed!!! And I’m about to download HyperCam2! 😀

Remember to visit my channel!

Laterz! 🙂

Sorry I haven’t posted in a little.You like the new design?

Anyways…who wants to go on CP today?

No one? Okay.


No one? Okay.

I’m bored now, and my MSPaint doesn’t work.

Thta Print Shop is a real pain in the ass now.


P.S. I got the Secret Key.


Time:6:00 to 6:30 Penguin Standard Time

Starts at: Dock

Server: Frozen

I wanted to host a party.Lolz.

Greatpip is now a member!!!